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Preventative Dental Care

What is preventative dental care?  Preventative dental care works very much the same way as steps you’d take to prevent any type of injury.  When it comes to dentistry, preventative care is so important because it allows for a dentist to prevent injury, or in this instance, damage to the teeth.   Any processes that cover diagnosis, examination, and treatment of teeth in order to harden and defend them against decay are considered preventative. 


Preventing problems before they appear is the ideal action plan for a patient.  Preventing a cavity eliminates the need for a filling.  Teeth without fillings are less prone to fractures and being completely lost.  Gum disease and other issues that may eventuate along with decay are prevented when proper preventative care is practiced.


Proper preventative dental care can help to prevent procedures, lengthen the life of a tooth, and improve the health of a patient’s mouth.  At Lois Lombardo Dentistry, we offer our patients the very best in preventative care by offering dental examinations, thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums, imaging scans, fluoride treatments, and tooth sealant applications. 

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